Memcached is a distributed memory caching system, which has been gaining in popularity in recent years due to its efficiency. It’s used to cache requests and replies between a database and the application that uses it, which can improve the overall performance of your Internet site and decrease the produced server load tremendously. Anytime a web page on an application-driven Internet site is visited, the application connects to the database and "asks" what info should be displayed, and then extracts it. With Memcached, these procedures are omitted, since the platform has already cached the content that should be displayed on a certain webpage. If any content is changed, the Memcached content is updated too, so the site visitors will never see out-of-date data. The Memcached platform is an ideal option for every Internet site that has lots of viewers, as it will make it open faster and will improve the overall user experience.

Memcached in Cloud Hosting

Memcached is offered as an upgrade with each cloud hosting plan offered by our company and if you want to use it for any script-powered Internet site that you host on our innovative cloud hosting platform, you will be able to enable it in a few easy steps via your Hepsia Control Panel. In the meantime, you will be given the option to upgrade two different things – the number of instances and the system memory. The first one has to do with the number of the websites that can use the Memcached caching system simultaneously, so if you need it for several sites, you can order a number of instances. The second one has to do with the maximum amount of memory that the system will be able to use to cache information, so for plenty of sites (or for one single large site), you’d better get more memory for better results. The memory is available in increments of 16 MB and more memory can be added at any moment. With the Memcached caching system, every script-based Internet site hosted on our cloud servers will load lightning-fast.

Memcached in Dedicated Web Hosting

Memcached comes free of charge with all Linux dedicated web hosting that we are offering and the sole condition is that the dedicated machine must be ordered with the Hepsia Control Panel. You can use the memory caching system for any database-driven Internet site, including those based on widely used Internet applications – for example, a WordPress personal journal or a Joomla-powered social networking site. Each dedicated server comes with a specific amount of system memory that the Memcached system can use, but the minimum you’ll get is three gigabytes, which is sufficient enough to optimize the load speed of very popular websites seriously, as this memory will be dedicated to storing the cached info. The Memcached system will begin caching info the moment it is enabled, so soon thereafter, you’ll distinguish the enhanced overall performance of your Internet sites and the decreased load on your dedicated server. Lots of sites use the Memcached caching system to boost their effectiveness, including popular ones such as Wikipedia and Reddit.